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Single Parent Advancement (SPA) is committed to empowering and uplifting single-parent families in impoverished communities. Our mission is to educate, motivate, and support individuals in the areas of financial awareness, self-awareness, and career/education.

SPA accomplishes this mission by:


  • Equipping single parents with essential skills for personal and professional growth.


  • Facilitating programs that address the root causes of poverty by empowering single parents to make informed financial decisions, overcome barriers, and build a foundation for self-sufficiency


  • Offering holistic support to single-parent families by addressing emotional and mental well-being through self-awareness programs, fostering positive mindsets, and breaking down barriers hindering personal growth.


  • Guiding participants in discovering and pursuing their career paths or educational aspirations, providing assistance in enrollment, and offering resources to overcome obstacles in their journey.


  • Extending impact to the children of participants through educational programs, recognizing the importance of setting positive examples, and providing a nurturing environment for their development

Your Donation of $50

Helps 5 Single Parents go through the Workshops.

Your Donation of $100

Helps 20 Single Parents get Financial Literacy

Workbooks and Journals.

Your Donation of $200

Helps 50 Single Parents get the tools, Resources, and Support to move from Poverty.


  • With your support, we can:

    • Increase the frequency of our sessions and Workshops

    • Expand and hire more Staff

    • Overcome poverty and shatter the Generational Cycle

    • Extend impact to the children of participants through Educational Programs

    • Help impoverished single parents obtain sustainable Success

We envision a future where single parents, equipped with essential skills and a renewed sense of self-awareness, can lead their families toward sustainable success and pass down knowledge and prosperity to the next generation

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