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Financial Literacy

· Budget
· Savings
· Credit
· Home Ownership
· Living Wills
· Life insurance



 Recognize Eliminate Accept Persevere
· Communication with children
· Positive outlets
· Emotional and Mental Stability

​Career & Education

· College Application
· Financial Aid
· Career Choices
· Resume Building
· Interview Skills/Mock Interviews

Health & Wellness

· Nutritional facts
· Workout classes
· Workout plans for parents to do at home
· Healthy, safe meals for kids to prepare
· Convenient and healthy food plans

Single Parent Advancement currently offers virtual sessions on Budgeting, Credit Management, Homeownership, and MORE!!! Please check the calendar for upcoming session dates.


We strive to educate single parents and encourage them to break the cycle by passing the information down to their children. 

See you there...and tell a friend!

- "You can’t fix what won’t confront."


Single Parent Advancement is an organization that educates, motivates, and supports single parents in the areas financial literacy, self-awareness, career & education and health & fitness. 


Meet Brandi; SPA  Founder

"After working as an assistant for a year, I realized that taking care of my daughter without the help of welfare was impossible. I knew I had to do something to give my baby a better life"


Thank You! To All Our Sponsors 

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